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Teacher Platform using tools like Google Cardboard

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Glitch.Com allows users to play with almost any codeing language including AFrame for WebXR

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What's the X in XR mean?
There's a lot of "_____ Reality" buzzwords flying around today. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality... it can be hard to keep track, even though there's a lot of similarities between them. This API aims to provide foundational elements to do all of the above. And since we don't want to be limited to just one facet of VR or AR (or anything in between) we use "X", not as part of an acronym but as an algebraic variable of sorts to indicate "Your Reality Here". We've also heard it called "Extended Reality" and "Cross Reality", which seem fine too, but really the X is whatever you want it to be!

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Hubs is for anyone who wants to connect with others remotely! It's a great way to bring communities together in a shared virtual space.

Host a conference, teach a class, showcase art, or just hang out with friends. Hubs makes it easy to connect and share images, videos, 3D models, and more. With Hubs' spatialized audio you can have conversations with everyone together or break out into smaller groups — just like you can in person.

Hubs works across platforms. Got a VR headset? Awesome! If not, you can use your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices to explore in 2D (see supported browsers).

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Today, we’re announcing we’ve acquired 8th Wall, the world’s leading WebAR development platform, and welcoming the team to Niantic. 8th Wall pioneered web-based augmented reality (WebAR), equipping developers, companies and agencies with a complete set of tools to create engaging and interactive AR experiences that are easily accessible and work on mobile devices — no app required. Joining forces with Niantic, 8th Wall will empower more Lightship developers to realize their visions for AR in the real-world metaverse. Here's a glimpse of what the possibilities might look like  Welcoming WebAR Development Platform 8th Wall To Niantic – Niantic (

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XR Resources: Resources and Tips
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